Packing Thoughtfully for $30

Packing Thoughtfully for $30

Step 1: Don't over pack!  I can't stress this enough.  To avoid this from happening to you calculate the days you will be on vacation and pick outfits you can mix match.  Adding jewelry and pashminas always changes the look of an outfit.  Create a list of other items you will need such as chargers, iPad, vitamins, etc.  I typically create a list two weeks before my trip. That way I have time to look it over and make sure I'm not missing anything.   

Step 2: Take a picture of each complete outfit.  When you get to your destination you will have a portfolio of all your outfits on your phone.  You can even make a note on the picture of when to wear what outfit. Doing this will also shave minutes off your prep time. 

Step 3: Divide your clothes into sections.  Tops, Bottoms, Shoes, Jewelry, Undergarments, and Toiletries. If you need a little help folding your clothes neatly Amazon has folding boards you can buy. Each board has a set of instructions labeled on.  

Step 4: Place all the sections of clothing in individual travel bags.  I recently discovered these amazing travel bags on Amazon.  They are currently on sale for $21.99.  It comes with four different size cases and one laundry bag.  These bags come in all different colors.  For the shoes and toiletries, I use two-gallon zip-lock bags.   I also use zip-lock bags to store medicine, just in case of spills.  The zip-lock bags and the travel bags are both multi-use.  I leave them stored in my luggage for my next trip. 

Step 5:  Close your suitcase and enjoy your trip.  Packing doesn't have to be stressful if you take a moment and pack thoughtfully.   

There are other brands of travel bags and fancy toiletry bags you can buy but they will cost you a couple hundred dollars.  Wouldn't you rather use that towards your trip? The most important thing when packing is that everything you need is in plain sight.  That way you can spend less time getting ready and more time sightseeing.

Hope everyone has an amazing Summer vacation!

Happy Organizing!



Travel Bags for Luggage:


Zip Lock Bags for Shoes and Toiletries:


Garment Folding Boards:



I usually buy my luggage at Marshalls or TjMaxx.  They both carry brand name luggage pieces at a fraction of the price. 

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