Creating Your Own Memo Board

Creating Your Own Memo Board

Having these boards are a clever way to keep all your important memos organized in one place. On my board, I keep some pictures, birth announcements, appointment cards, kids' artwork, and stamps.  During the holidays I display all my Christmas cards.  These are easy to make and can be used for a variety of things. 



Artist Stapled Canvas



Staple Gun



Step 1: Buy an Artist Stapled Canvas, fabric, and ribbon.  I bought the canvas and ribbon at Michaels because they always have coupons.  Make sure the canvas is wrapped around a wooden frame.  Buy the ribbon and fabric that go along with your house decor.  I have my boards on a wall in my kitchen.  I bought the fabric at Jo-Ann Fabric Store.  They have an amazing selection and also always have great coupons.   TIP - Bring the board to the fabric store to make sure you will have enough fabric.  Measure twice cut once!

Step 2: Wrap the material around the board covering the wooden frame.

Step 3: Use your staple gun to staple the fabric onto the wooden frame. I bought my staple gun at Amazon.

Step 4: Wrap the ribbon around the board and also staple it to the wooden frame.  The number of strips of ribbon depend on how big your board is and how thick your ribbon is.

Step 5: Clip clothespins to the ribbons.  I have a variety of clothes pins from Amazon and Michaels.  I change the clothes pins depending on the season. 


Happy Organizing!



Artist Stapled Canvas:


Staple Gun: 


Clothes Pins:


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